Benefit Fraud Solicitors

Benefit Fraud Solicitors

Are you being Investigated for Benefits Fraud?

At McGee O’Kane Solicitors we are specialist Benefit Fraud Solicitors. 

As expert Benefit Fraud Solicitors in Derry we often see people end up being accused of Benefit Fraud for all sorts of reasons. It can be financial pressure which can push people into committing an offence, while for others it could be a case of a mistake in completing a Benefit Application Form. Sometimes, the SSA may have simply made a mistake, and they are completely innocent of any wrong doing.

More and more people who receive Benefits are now being investigated for receiving benefits that they were not entitled to, even if they were unaware of the situation. If you receive Benefits you could find yourself under investigation by the Social Security Agency and also brought to Court. We can question the evidence and allegations made against you by the Social Security Agency and ensure that any proceedings against you are robustly defended.

How Can We Help You?

We have long experience of defending those prosecuted for Benefits Fraud and we can advise on this difficult area of Criminal Law. In all criminal proceedings you are innocent until proven guilty. The burden rests with the Prosecution to prove your guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

We are experienced Criminal Law Solicitors with a reputation for providing representation of the highest standard and we can vigorously defend the allegations made against you.

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Benefits Fraud is a complex area of Law and if you are worried that proceedings are going to be taken against you then you need expert advice from experienced Benefit Fraud Solicitors. Call now on 028 71 229 343 to speak to an experienced Solicitor or complete our FREE ENQUIRY form now.

McGee & O’Kane Solicitors have successfully defended many of these types of cases and understand how traumatic it can be to face questioning under caution and prosecution.

What is Benefits Fraud?

Some common examples of the alleged Benefit Fraud are:-

  1. Failing to tell the SSA about your true financial circumstances when you claimed the benefit. For example, you were working while claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance or you did not declare all your savings because you knew that it would affect your entitlement to the benefit.
  2. Failing to tell the SSA about your living arrangements. For example, you were living with someone but claiming benefits as a single parent.
  3. Using a false identity or using false documents to claim benefits. For example, you used a false birth certificate so that you could claim Child Benefit.
  4. Not telling the benefit office about a change of in your financial circumstances.

Prosecution for Benefits Fraud

It is often the case that those being prosecuted for Benefits Fraud are totally ignorant of the fact that they had have broken the rules, for example, that their savings were over a certain figure set by SSA. If that is the case then it may be possible to argue that your actions were not dishonest, but instead simply ignorant of the rules and procedures.

There is now more scrutiny than ever by Government Departments in terms of their expenditure. As a result there are an increasing number of benefit fraud prosecutions and investigations into cases of fraudulent receipt of benefits.

At McGee & O’Kane Solicitors we realise that people who are under investigation for benefit fraud are often experiencing their first exposure to investigation and Criminal Court proceedings.

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Benefits Fraud Criminal Proceedings

Criminal legal proceedings may be brought for Benefit Fraud. The prosecution have to prove “beyond reasonable doubt” that a person intended to receive a state benefit knowing that they were not entitled to it. We can question the evidence and allegations made against you by the Social Security Agency and ensure that any proceedings against you are robustly defended.

Every case is different and just because you received the benefit which the SSA say you are now not entitled to, does not necessarily mean that a person has committed an offence.

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