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Have you been accused of Sexual Assault?

Has an allegation of Sex Abuse been made against you?

At McGee O’Kane Solicitors we are experts in representing those that have been accused of a Sex Offence. Sex Offences are extremely serious crimes and you should seek the help of McGee O’Kane Solicitors in Derry / Londonderry at the very earliest opportunity.

A conviction for a Sex Offence can carry a heavy sentence so you need to make sure you get quality legal representation.

How can we help?

We will provide expert advice from the very start to defend the charges robustly and protect your position – from the first Police Interview right through to defending you in Court. We understand that such allegations can also have a disastrous impact on your family and on your working life, so our experts will not only work to build your defence case, but also to protect your reputation.

Very often the allegations are based upon the testimony of just one person (usually the alleged Victim)  and therefore the credibility of both the Victim and the Accused are often hugely important factors in the case.

Your first consultation with us is Free. If you are entitled to Legal Aid we will make the application for you.

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  • If you have received a Summons from the Public Prosecution Service and have to attend Court or the Police have already charged you to Court contact us immediately so we can represent you in Court.
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