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We understand that separating from your partner or divorcing your spouse can be difficult and distressing and that you may be unsure of your rights.

Reaching a financial settlement can often be the most complicated part of the whole divorce process. A split can have a devastating emotional impact on both parties. What should never be overlooked is the financial needs of both spouses and the children.

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We are specialist Divorce Solicitors and can provide you with the advice and support to achieve the best outcome for you and your children.

Are You Worried You Will Lose Your Home in the Divorce? When issues such as the marital home are discussed it can be very difficult to resolve these matters amicably with your ex-partner. It is very important that you do not have any discussions with your ex-partner regarding the marital home until you have had expert legal advice from McGee O’Kane Solicitors. Call us today on 028 71 229 343

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How Can We Help?

As expert Divorce Solicitors, we can help you, whatever your financial situation or however complex your finances. Negotiating a financial settlement in divorce is a skilled and complex task. The most important factor in any financial settlement is the needs of the parties and welfare of any children. Both parties are required to provide a full disclosure of their finances, and an agreement must be reached with or without court intervention. This is why it’s extremely important to take expert legal advice to make sure you get a fair financial settlement.

Consideration is also given to:

  • contributions each party has made to the marriage, either financially or domestically
  • earnings and potential earnings (including pensions)
  • properties and other financial assets
  • any debt or financial responsibility
  • ages and length of the marriage
  • the standard of living during marriage.

Our expertise means we can handle the most intricate of financial affairs. There are a number of different options to take when seeking to resolve financial matters – we can advise you on the best approach to take with your settlement.

If there is a risk your spouse may be trying to hide or dispose of assets, we can also arrange for injunctions, which will freeze assets until the divorce has been concluded.

We are specialist Divorce Solicitors and can provide you with the advice and support to achieve the best outcome for you and your children.

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